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The China Cinema industries have reached an unparalleled “golden age.” With US$ 9.74 Billion in box office revenue in the year 2018, China is the world’s fastest growing movie industry. By 2020-2022, China’s box office revenue is expected to reach the world largest, crushing North America as the largest market in box office revenue and the number of viewers in the world. According to Renub Research China Cinema Market is expected to surpass US$ 22 Billion by the end of year 2025.

“New forces” are emerging, powered by globalization, the Internet, and finance. Internet companies, led by BAT, and real estate developers like Wanda, in particular, have used resource advantages to gradually penetrate the entertainment industry and create an ecosystem. China’s film industry is on track for rapid development over the next five years.

Mainstream forms of entertainment such as film, online videos and television will enjoy prosperous development; rivalry between’ new giants’ and’ old giants’ will become fiercer; cross-industry cooperation and competition will come into play on an ongoing basis. The supply chain will be shuffled and changed, and opportunities and challenges will co-exist.

China Cinema Market

The major factors that influence China cinema market are; movie screen facilities are available in tier 4th and 5th tier city, rising disposable income of middle class population in China, the installation of 3d screen in China is growing at rapid pace, film quota of imported movies are increasing year on year, gradual decrease of ticket price especially in 4th and 5th tier city etc.

Renub Research report titled “China Cinema Market (Domestic, Imported, Exported), By Film Production (Feature Film, Cartoons, Popular Science Films, Documentary, Special Films), By Online Market, By Tier Cities (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th), By Ticket Price (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th), By Movie Screen, Movie Admission,  By Company (IMAX China Holding, SMI Holdings Group Limited, Huayi Tencent Entertainment Company Limited, Perfect World, Wanda Film Holding Co Ltd)” provides an all-encompassing insights of China Cinema Industry.

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Feature Film and Popular Science Films Production has good market in China Cinema Industry

In the Chinese cinema industry various types of films are produced such as feature film, cartoons, popular science films, documentary films, and special films. Feature Film and Popular Science Films Production is high in the China cinema industry as people are interested and enjoying these types of movies.

1st Tier and 2nd Tier Cities holds most of the China Cinema Market

1st Tier and 2nd Tier cities holds the most of the China cinema market due to availability of multiplex, infrastructure and peoples are ready to pay more than Tier 3rd,4th and 5th cities. Ticket pricing in these cities is much higher than the rest of the cities. Growing number of working population is also boosting this market.

Renub Research Infographic Zone:

Key Players Analysis

All the companies have been studied from two points

•    Recent Developments
•    Sales Analysis

Company Analysis

•    IMAX China Holding
•    SMI Holdings Group Limited
•    Huayi Tencent Entertainment Company Limited
•    Perfect World
•    Wanda Film Holding Co Ltd

China Movie Market

•    Domestic (Chinese) Movies
•    Imported Movies
•    Exported Movies

Volume Analysis – China Film Production

•    Feature Film
•    Cartoons
•    Popular Science Films
•    Documentary Films
•    Special Films

Tier City – China Movie Market & Ticket Price

•    1st Tier Cities
•    2nd Tier Cities
•    3rd Tier Cities
•    4th Tier Cities
•    5th Tier Cities

China Movie Industry Analysis

•    China Online Movie Market
•    Movie Screens in China
•    Movie Admission in China

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