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According to the latest report by Renub Research, titled “Hepatitis C Drugs Market Global Forecast By Drugs, Distribution Channels, Regions, Company Analysis” Hepatitis C affects the liver of patient though viral infection caused by the hepatitis C virus. This often leads to cirrhosis which may develop complications just like liver failure, liver cancer, gastric varices and esophageal. This is a deadly disease as it doesn’t show any symptoms in the early stage. Symptoms like fever, abdominal pain, dark urine, poor appetite, headaches, nausea, vomiting, joint pain, clay colored stools, and yellow tinged skin are shown at the critical stage. Infection through HIV and people suffering from alcoholism are more prone to Hepatitis C disease. Global Hepatitis C Drugs Market is expected to be around US$ 5.9 Billion by 2025, according to Renub Research analysis.

Causes of this infection are unsterilized medical equipment, blood transfusion from infected mother to newborn baby and sharing needles. Countries like India, China and Brazil will be the major market as compared to the market in developed countries. The hepatitis C drugs market will also propel due to initiative taken by governments and NGOs around the world by raising awareness and educating people to challenge hepatitis C infection. The market for Hepatitis C drug is challenged by high drug cost and therapy along with the stringent regulatory norms are delaying advancements and arrivals of new products in the market, restraining its growth. Hepatitis C treatment requires oral injection and weekly dosage, the medicine used can lead to side effects which can damage other organs of patients permanently.

COVID-19 Impact on Hepatitis C Drug Market

Treatment of COVID-19 patients is the prime focus of healthcare facilities, and other patients are unable to get treated properly. Telehealth has become a trend during this period as most of the health experts are providing consultation through this system. Governments around the world are investing hugely in health systems to fight against COVID-19. These initiatives will be beneficial in the long term; after this pandemic, medical experts will focus on the development of vaccine and drugs for other diseases like Hepatitis C as well.

In the year 2019, numerous drugs were approved for the treatment of Hepatitis C disease. Mavyret was approved by USFDA for the treatment of all types of genotypes for Hepatitis C disease. Around 130 – 150 million people are infected due to this virus, around 700,000 people die from Hepatitis C related disease. Around 15% to 20% of infected people have liver cancer and liver cirrhosis, which is a greater concern in the treatment of this disease.

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Market Summary:

Drugs: This research report has covered the market and market share of Harvoni, Mavyret, Sovaldi, Zepatier, Viekira Pak, Epclusa, Vosevi, and other drugs. According to Renub Research analysis, Mavyret will lead the global hepatitis C market.

Distribution Channels: The market and market share of Retail Pharmacies, Hospital Pharmacies, and Online Pharmacy are given in this research report. Hospital Pharmacies are dominating the market for Hepatitis C drug as compared to other distribution channels according to Renub Research analysis.

Regions: This research report has covered the market and market share analysis for Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, North America, and the Asia Pacific. According to Renub Research analysis, Europe and North America have significant market share than other regions.

Companies: This research report has covered Company Overview, Recent Development or Strategy, and Revenue analysis for Gilead Sciences, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abbvie, Merck, and other companies.

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