Olive Oil Market will be US$ 17.73 Billion by 2027

Olive oil forms a different and tasty substitute to conventional edible oils. Considering its nutritional value and taste, olive oil is being consumed by a huge pool of the global population. It is extensively preferred for its properties to prevent heart diseases by maintaining cholesterol levels in the body. It also has moisturizing and exfoliating properties, which leads to its usage in different pharmaceuticals and cosmetics products. Olive oil offers various applications such as spray for dressing, cosmetics, and personal care, uses in foods, and medicines. Owing to these factors, there is a vast demand for Olive Oil in the Market. As per Renub Research Report, Global Olive Oil Market will be US$ 17.73 Billion by 2027.

Olive Oil Market Global Forecast By Type, Companies, Forecast

In this report, we have covered the market of Olive oil market by type, which includes Extra Virgin Oil, Virgin Oil, and Other Olive Oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the most eminent quality olive oil utilized by a majority of health-conscious people. Based on end-user, retail and foodservice contributes the lion’s share to the total olive oil market value. Europe and Asia Pacific foodservice sector will be the leading market for olive oil producers in upcoming years. On the other side, retail has remained one of the most dynamically evolving realms that enable olive oil market players to regularly be on their toes to discern their target customers and maintain a customized approach. Olive Oil Industry globally will grow with a staggering CAGR of 11.49% from 2020-2027.

European Union is the leading producer, exporter, and consumer, of olive. This is due to olive farming, one of the essential businesses in these countries due to the Mediterranean diet. Greece, Spain, and Italy are the primary producers and exporters in the region. Italy is one of the leading importer and majorly imports olives from the United States, China, Brazil, Japan, and Turkey. As per our research findings, Worldwide Olive Oil Market is expected to be more than in the next 7 years. For the year 2020 Olive Oil Market world over was US$ 8.28 Billion.

Some of the market’s major companies include Modi Naturals, Cargill, Inc., Bunge Limited, Conagra Brands (Bertolli®), Semapa. Market players are involved in continuous research and developments; these are key strategies adopted by the Olive Oil Market players. For example, in 2021, Modi Naturals will launch sub-brand Oleev Kitchen to enter RTC/E segments as consumers continue to remain indoors.

Renub Research latest Report “Global Olive Oil Market By Type (Extra Virgin Oil, Virgin Oil, Other (Lampante, Pomace), Industry (Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Cooking, Other), End-User (Food Service, Food Processing, Retail), Consumption Market (EU-27, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Syrian Arab Republic, Algeria, Argentina, Lebanon, Jordan, Chile, Others), Production (EU-27, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Syrian Arab Republic, Algeria, Argentina, Lebanon, Jordan, Chile, Others), Import (United States, EU-27, Brazil, Japan, Canada, China, Australia, Turkey, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Others), Export (EU-27, Tunisia, Turkey, Syrian Arab Republic, Morocco, Argentina, Chile, United States, Lebanon, Jordan, Others), Company Analysis (Modi Naturals, Cargill, Inc., Bunge Limited, Conagra Brands (Bertolli®), Semapa.)” The study on Global Olive Oil Market gives an exhaustive outlook of Global Olive Oil Industry”.

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Type – Global Olive Oil Market breakup from 3 viewpoints

  1. Extra Virgin Oil
  2. Virgin Oil
  3. Other (Lampante, Pomace, etc)

Industry – Global Olive Oil Market breakup from 4 viewpoints

  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Cooking
  4. Others

End-User – Global Olive Oil Market breakup from 3 viewpoints

  1. Food Service
  2. Food Processing
  3. Retail

Consumption – Global Olive Oil Market & Volume breakup of 11 Countries

  1. EU-27
  2. Turkey
  3. Morocco
  4. Tunisia
  5. Syrian Arab Republic
  6. Algeria
  7. Argentina
  8. Lebanon
  9. Jordan
  10. Chile
  11. Others

Production – Global Olive Oil Volume breakup of 12 Countries

  1. EU-27
  2. Turkey
  3. Morocco
  4. Tunisia
  5. Syrian
  6. Arab Republic
  7. Algeria
  8. Argentina
  9. Lebanon
  10. Jordan
  11. Chile
  12. Others

Olive Oil Import Analysis – Global Olive Oil Volume breakup of 11 Countries

  1. United States
  2. EU-27
  3. Brazil
  4. Japan
  5. Canada
  6. China
  7. Australia
  8. Turkey
  9. Russian Federation
  10. Saudi Arabia
  11. Others

Export – Global Olive Oil Volume breakup of 11 Countries

  1. EU-27
  2. Tunisia
  3. Turkey
  4. Syrian Arab Republic
  5. Morocco
  6. Argentina
  7. Chile
  8. United States
  9. Lebanon
  10. Jordan
  11. Others

All key players have been covered from 3 viewpoints

  1. Overviews
  2. Recent Developments
  3. Revenues

Company Analysis

  1. Cargill, Inc
  2. Modi Naturals
  3. Bunge Limited
  4. Conagra Brands (Bertolli®)
  5. Semapa

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