China In-Vitro Fertilization Market is estimated to grow US$ 3,052.3 Million by 2026

In China, millions of babies have been conceived by assisted reproductive technologies in the past few decades, mainly through In-vitro fertilization and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). In China, the increasing trend of the delayed pregnancies is the factor determining the shift of Chinese families to In-Vitro fertilization (IVF) when it comes to parenthood. In-vitro fertilization, usually known as IVF technology, is one of the most successful forms of assisted reproductive technologies available today to assist couples who are finding it difficult to have children. As per this research report, China In-Vitro Fertilization Market is estimated to grow US$ 3,052.3 Million by 2026.

china in vitro fertilization market

According to East Asia Forum, China total fertility rate declined per woman live births from 1.6 in 2017 to 1.3 in 2020. The Chinese government declared the decision to implement a new three-child policy in May 2021. In China, the demand for Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) has grown many folds. The leading cause of the increase in ARTS is infertility with patients. Assisted reproductive technologies are triggering due to Fast lifestyle change, smoking, drinking, mental stress/trauma, steroids and other medical conditions such as cystic fibrosis, diabetes, trauma, testicular failure, Fallopian, and blockage of the tube, female ovarian dysfunction, etc. These variables are supporting the China IVF market growth and development. According to Renub Research, the China In-Vitro Fertilization Market Growth rate will be double-digit CAGR of 25.21% from 2020-2026.

Based on Treatment

IVF is segmented into Fresh Embryo, Frozen Embryo, Donor Egg, Others. The fresh Embryo holds the largest market share. It is anticipated to continue this trend during the forecast period, owing to a higher success rate. Fresh embryo transfers lead to better pregnancy and birth rates than those who have received frozen embryos.

Nowadays, IVF services are more demanding than ever in China. By Instrument segment, culture media is an essential part of IVF, it is a complex solution that’s used to support cell growth. Based on procedure, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a specialized form of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) used primarily to treat severe cases of male-factor infertility. ICSI includes the injection of a single sperm directly into a mature egg. China In-Vitro Fertilization Market Size was US$ 792.3 Million in 2020.

Across China, Fertility clinics and hospitals play a vital role in implementing IVF treatments to couples seeking infertility treatments. With a growing demand for ART treatments in China, fertility clinics are developing considerably. Factors such as availability of specialists, cost-effectiveness and minimal or no chances of hospital-acquired infections are critical factors that can be attributed to the growth of fertility clinics in China. In 2021, Renji Hospital launches a blockchain-based IVF service app in China. MyBaby app allows its users to view and track the extraction, labelling and scoring of fertilized eggs and the cultivation and preservation of embryos.

china ivf market

Renub Research Latest Report “China In-Vitro Fertilization Market by Treatment (Fresh Embryo, Frozen Embryo, Donor Egg, Others) by Instrument Culture Media, Disposable Devices, Capital Equipment) by Procedure (ICSI IVF, Non-ICSI IVF, IUI) by End User (Fertility Clinics, Hospitals,Others)” studies the China In-Vitro Fertilization Market. The report also comprises qualitative factors such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities.

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Treatment – China In-Vitro Fertilization Market have been covered from 4 viewpoints

  1. Fresh Embryo
  2. Frozen Embryo
  3. Donor Egg
  4. Others

Instrument – China In-Vitro Fertilization Market have been covered from 3 viewpoints

  1. Culture Media
  2. Disposable Devices
  3. Capital Equipment

Procedure – China In-Vitro Fertilization Market have been covered from 3 viewpoints

  2. Non-ICSI IVF
  3. IUI

End User – China In-Vitro Fertilization Market have been covered from 3 viewpoints

  1. Fertility Clinics
  2. Hospitals
  3. Others
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