Potato Starch Market, Volume & Global Forecast by Renub Research

Starch is extracted from surplus potato, cull potatoes, as well as waste from potato processing. In recent years, the trend of organic product, ready to eat food and rising consumption of convenience food across the globe one of the most important factors propelling the growth in potato starch market. The rising global disposable per capita income and increasing middle-class populations are an impetus to grow this market. China, India, Russia, the United States and Europe were the significant potatoes growers in 2019. As per Renub Research, Global Potato Starch Market is expected to exceed US$ 9.6 Billion by 2026.

A leading factor fueling this market growth is the numerous benefits that resistant starch derived from potatoes has on the body’s system. Consistent with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), resistance starch helps in strengthening the colon by reducing inflammation within the area and potentially lowering the chance of colorectal cancer. In bolstering the colon’s functionality, this kind of starch can prevent the development of chronic bowel disorders like Crohn’s disease and colitis. The NIH also highlights the benefits that resistant starch offers for metabolism. as an example, regular consumption of this starch type through meals can improve insulin sensitivity, which successively can lower blood sugar levels and reduce the danger of diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even Alzheimer’s. Increasing awareness about the vast benefits of potato starch and other naturally derived ingredients is predicted to augur well for the market within the coming years.

Potato Starch Market Share

Sweetener (Starch Sugars) dominates the global Potato starch market share, accounting for more than one third and rest are captured by modified starch and native starch in the year 2019. Globally by Industry type, Confectionery & Drinks clearly dominated in the potato starch market worldwide, followed by Processed Food, Corrugating & Paper Making, Feed, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, and Non-food.

The Asian market is expected to hold significant market share in the forecast period due to the popularity of ready to cook products and the rising interest in trying western cuisines. Europe drives the global Potato starch market. Europe is followed by Asia-Pacific, Americas and Rest of the world in the global Potato starch market share for the same year.

Jan 2018, Cargill and AKV Langholt AmbA together invested more than US$ 22.5 Million in newly potato starch production unit in Denmark. In 2019, Global giant Ingredion acquired Western Polymer.

Renub Research report titled “Potato Starch Market, Volume & Global Forecast, by Products (Modified Starch, Native Starch, Sweeteners), Region (Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific, ROW) Applications (Processed Food, Confectionery & Drinks, Feed, Corrugating & Paper Making, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Non-food) Companies (Cargill, Ingredion, Archer Daniels Midland Company & Tate & Lyle)” studies the global Potato Starch Market and Volume.

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The reports have been analyzed from 2 segments, and it is further studied by 2 sub-segments

Potato Starch Market & Volume

• Products
• Regions

Products – The report Potato Starch Market & Volume has been segmented as

• Native Starch
• Modified Starch
• Sweeteners

Application – The report has been studied on 6 applications Market & Volume

  1. Confectionery and Drinks
  2. Processed Food
  3. Corrugating and Paper Making
  4. Feed
  5. Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals
  6. Other non-food

Region – The report has also been segmented on the a4 regional bases

  1. Americas
  2. Europe
  3. Asia Pacific
  4. Rest of the World

All the 5 Companies have been studied from Three Points

• Overview
• Recent Developments & Strategy
• Sales Analysis

Companies Analysis

• Cargill
• Ingredion
• Archer Daniels Midland Company
• Tate & Lyle

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