Turkey Hotel Market & Volume Forecast Budget Hotel by Cities

In recent years, Turkey has been considered as one of the most attractive destinations for travel across the world as a variety of options is available at affordable prices. Besides, the country classic sun & sea vacation, apart from that it is also known for its historical, heritage as well as cultural attractions among tourists. In the year 2019, Turkey was named the 6th most visited country across the globe hosted a large number of tourists. According to Renub Research report, it is anticipated that Turkey Hotel Market will be US$ 11.6 Billion by the end of the year 2026.

Turkey Hotel Market & Volume Forecast by Star Rated & Budget Hotel

Foreign visitors have risen dramatically in the last few years in Turkey. Countries like Germany, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Iran, and Russia are the country from where many tourists arrive in Turkey. Star rated hotel has the most significant market share in Turkey due to numbers of the facility given by star rated hotel. Besides, visitors also prefer star rated over a budget hotel.

Antalya is one of the most preferred cities in Turkey and has 4-star and 5-star hotels in its center and surrounding towns such as Kemer, Belek, and Kaş. Star rated hotel occupancy is increasing year on year. Turkey’s lucrative tourism industry souring and its top destination for Halal Tourism tend to drive Turkey hotel market in the future.

COVID–19 Impacts on Turkey Hotel Industry

Around the world, COVID-19 has impacted almost every economy, mostly tourism, hotel, and the airlines’ industry. Turkey is a part of an interconnected globally, and this new crisis hits at the center of globalization. So, we expect the coronavirus will affect the Turkey hotel market severely in the year 2020. The year 2021 will see some growth on the back of domestic tourists. Read the complete analysis of Cornonavirus’s impact on the hotel industry of Turkey in the report.

Renub Research report titled “Turkey Hotel Market & Volume, Star Rated Hotel & Budget Hotel, Hotel by Star Rated ( 1st Star ,2nd Star, 3rd Star, 4th Star, 5th Star), City (Antalya, Istanbul, Mugla, Izmir, Aydin, Ankara, Mersin, Busra, Afyonkarahisar, Balikesir), Province (Istanbul, Marmara (East & West), Aegean (Aegean & Mediterranean), Black Sea (West & East), Anatolia (Central Anatolia, Northeast Anatolia, Central-East Anatolia, Southeast Anatolia), Chain Hotel (Top 10 International Chain Groups, Top 10 Domestic Chain Groups, Top 9 Domestic Brand, Chain Hotel by Category), Company (Hilton, Marriott, Radisson, Accor) & Forecast” provides an all-encompassing analysis on the Turkey Hotel Market.

Antalya is the most preferred city in Turkey Star Rated Hotel

In this report, we have covered Star rated hotel Volume by City: we have studied complete insights of Star Rated Hotel Volume (Hotel rooms) by in these ten cities (Antalya, Istanbul, Mugla, Izmir, Aydin, Ankara, Mersin, Busra, Afyonkarahisar, Balikesir).

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1 to 5 Star Turkey Hotels Market and Volume covered in the report

In this report, we have shown complete insight into Turkey Hotel by Star category. The covered market & Volume by Star Rated (By Number of Hotel and Number of rooms) are; 1st Star, 2nd Star, 3rd Star, 4th Star, 5th Star.

5 Province Budget Hotel Analysis

5 Province has been studied thoroughly in this report, namely Istanbul, Marmara (East & West), Aegean (Aegean & Mediterranean), Black Sea (West & East), Anatolia (Central Anatolia, Northeast Anatolia, Central-East Anatolia, Southeast Anatolia).

All the hotels have been studied from two points

• Recent Developments
• Sales Analysis

Company Insights – Turkey Hotel Market

• Radisson
• Hilton
• Accor
• Marriott

Hotel Category – Turkey Hotel Market

• Star Rated
• Budget

Star Rated Hotel Volume by City – Turkey Hotel Market

• Antalya
• Istanbul
• Mugla
• Izmir
• Aydin
• Ankara
• Mersin
• Busra
• Afyonkarahisar
• Balikesir

Market & Volume of Budget Hotel by Province – Turkey Hotel Market

• Istanbul
• Marmara (East & West)
• Aegean (Aegean & Mediterranean)
• Black Sea (West & East)
• Anatolia (Central Anatolia, Northeast Anatolia, Central-East Anatolia, Southeast Anatolia)

Chain Hotel – Turkey Hotel Market

• Top 10 International Chain Groups
• Top 10 Domestic Chain Groups
• Top 9 Domestic Brand
• Chain Hotel by Category

Top Five Countries People Visited in Turkey

• Distribution of Arriving Foreign Visitors – Top 5 Countries (2017-2019) November
• Distribution of Arriving Foreign Visitors – Top 5 Countries (2017-2019) January-November

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