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Meal Kit Market Global Analysis by Country, Ordering Method (Online, Offline), Category (Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian), Type (Fresh Food, Process Food) & Companies (Blue Apron Holdings, Inc., Goodfood, HelloFresh, Marley Spoon Inc., Home Chef) provides a complete analysis of the global meal kit market.

A meal kit is a subscription based foodservice business in which a food business sends fresh food ingredients and half prepared food ingredients along with recipes to prepare homemade meals to its customers. The global meal kits market is expected to surpass US$ 15 Billion by the end of year 2025.

The major factors that would propel the meal kits market growth are; rising number of professionals, people having less time to cook, it’s very hard to find the exact ingredient for specific recipe, available in fresh & partially prepared ingredients, people love to make food by own, innovative recipe, quality ingredient with nutritional value, the trend of nuclear families are rising across the world, rising per capita income, acceptance of meal kits in major developed countries.

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The good part of meal kits is to really reduce the wastage of food because companies provide exact quantity of intergradient in the box. Companies are considering many aspects to provide convenience to the customer like food preparation, grocery purchase planning, lunch time menu, dinner time menu, nutritional value age wise etc.

Meal kits are available in online and offline both forms, but online platform is most popular among consumer because of increasing penetration of mobile all across the world. Meal kits businesses are performing well in developed nation like United States and Europe. But companies are also planning to boost the concept in Asian region.

Companies are also customizing their product according to region, age and health specific requirement. Many companies also offer gluten free ingredients and various recipes that are compatible for diabetes patients.

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By Regions

In this section, we have done complete assessment of region profile and categorized it into 9 parts; Canada, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Australia, France, rest of the world. Besides we have also mentioned the various growth factors and key challenges associated with each region.

By Ordering Method

In this section, market is divided into two parts; online and offline. Online platform has the faster growth due to convenience and increasing mobile penetration all across the world. Grocery and supermarket have also developed their strategy to sell meal kits across various locations. One of the major advantage of offline platform is consumer don’t have to subscribe for meal kits, they can just pick from the grocery and supermarket whenever they are required.

By Product

In this section of the report, the market is fragmented into two parts; vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Non-vegetarian market dominates the overall meal kits market but vegetarian segment is growing significantly over a period time.

By Product Type

In this section of the report, the market is categorized into two parts; fresh meal kits and partially cooked meal kits. Currently partially cooked meal kits are dominating the market but fresh meal kits are also performing well in the market.

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Key Topics Covered :

  1. Introduction
  2. Research & Methodology
  3. Global Meal Kit Market
  4. Market Share Analysis – Global Meal Kit

4.1 By Country
4.2 By Category
4.3 By Type
4.4 By Purchasing Methods

  1. Country – Global Meal Kit Market

5.1 United States
5.2 Canada
5.3 Australia
5.4 China
5.5 Japan
5.6 Germany
5.7 France
5.8 United Kingdom
5.9 Others

  1. Category – Global Meal Kit Market

6.1 Vegetarian
6.2 Non-Vegetarian

  1. Type – Global Meal Kit Market

7.1 Fresh Food
7.2 Process Food

  1. Ordering Methods – Global Meal Kit Market

8.1 Offline Meal Kit
8.2 Online Meal Kit

  1. Company Analysis

9.1 Blue Apron Holdings, Inc.
9.2 Goodfood
9.3 HelloFresh
9.4 Marley Spoon Inc.
9.5 Home Chef (Acquired by Kroger Co.)

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