Japan Outbound Tourism Market will be US$ 49 Billion by 2025 – Renub Research

Japan Outbound Tourism Market, Tourists Numbers, Countries (Aus, IND, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, US, UK), Purpose of Visit (Holiday, Visit Friends & Relatives, Business, Others)

How is Coronavirus affecting the Outbound Tourism of Japan?

The Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak has spread to about 212 countries. This has decimated the aviation and hospitality industries in a big way. Travel restrictions, declining demand, and the spread of Coronavirus in Japan have hurt Japan’s outbound tourism market. There will be a big fall in demand for the year 2020, but we also expect the market to bounce back from the year 2021. According to Renub Research, in the long run, Japan Outbound Tourism Market is expected to reach US$ 49 Billion by 2025.

Factors driving Japan Outbound Travel Market

The various important variables that will boost the Japan Outbound Tourism Market are; rising per capita income, increasing overall economic growth of Japan, rising tourism per capita expenditure, reforms of working style 4 days in week is giving the chance to professional people of Japan to explore the world.

After 1985, when the yen’s value rose sharply against other currencies, the number of Japanese overseas travelers has shown a sustained rise. The Japanese government launched the’ Ten Million Plan’ in 1987, which sought to double the amount of Japanese overseas travel from 5.5 Million to 10 Million by the end of 1991 from the 1986 point.

The first trend is that teenagers ignore conventional travel agents and make arrangements for foreign travel alone. There are some important factors that allow young people to travel cheaply without going on a no-frills trip. One is the rise of cheap carriers. In the mid-2000s, LCCs began flying from Japan to overseas destinations and flew aboard to Asia or Oceania. Japan’s Abenomics-led economic recovery has boosted consumer confidence and facilitated increased recreational and leisure activities. In 2018, Japan was the United States ‘ second-largest source overseas. Japanese visitors were fourth-highest spending in the United States after China, Mexico, and Canada.

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Throughout Asia, other Japanese choice destinations include Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong. Thailand and Vietnam also see a large annual influx of Japanese visitors. The USA areas, Hawaii and Guam, throughout particular, are substantial tourist destinations for the Japanese. JNTO reported that the number of Japanese overseas travelers in December 2019 was approximately 1.71 Million, which was 5.1 percent higher than the previous year. The cumulative 2019 figure reached 20 Million.

Market Summary:

The travel section for senior citizens shows good growth potential. The Japanese population is slowly decreasing, but the number of Japanese aged 60 or older is growing. Most groups of senior citizens have the time and resources to spend on luxury tourism.

Nearly all the public and private schools plan school trips for their pupils, including international trips.

In this research report, we have comprehensively analyzed Japan outbound tourists in terms of the number of tourists, the average length of stay, average spending per tourist per trip, total spending & forecast.

The countries studied in the study are Australia, USA, Singapore, UK, India, South Korea, Hong Kong & Taiwan. The United States is Japan’s most lucrative outbound traveler market place.

The holiday is the main purpose for visitors outbound to Japan. Holiday, Visit Friends & Relatives (VFR), Business (MICE), & Others (Medical Care and Education) are the 4 segments covered in the study.

Japan’s outbound tourism market, by reservation methods. Japanese outbound tourists use various types of booking methods, such as Internet, Travel Agency Sites, Mail Order/Telephone, Airlines, etc.

If the information you seek is not included in the current scope of the study kindly share your specific requirements with our custom research team.

Key Topics Covered :

  1. Introduction
  2. Research & Methodology
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Market Dynamics

4.1 Growth Drivers
4.2 Challenges

  1. Japan Outbound Tourists & Market Analysis

5.1 Japan Outbound Tourists
5.2 Japan Outbound Tourism Market

  1. Tourists Share Analysis

6.1 By Country
6.2 By Purpose (Holiday, VFR, Business & Others)
6.3 Holiday Tourists by Country
6.4 VFR Tourists by Country
6.5 Business Tourists by Country
6.6 Others Tourists by Country

  1. Market Share Analysis

7.1 By Country
7.2 By Purpose (Holiday, VFR, Business & Others)
7.3 Holiday by Country
7.4 VFR by Country
7.5 Business by Country
7.6 Others by Country
7.7 By Method – Booking Share Analysis

  1. Purpose – Japan Outbound Tourists & Market

8.1 Outbound Tourists Analysis
8.2 Outbound Market Analysis

  1. Booking Methods – Japan Outbound Tourism Market

9.1 Internet
9.2 Travel agency outlets
9.3 Mail order/telephone
9.4 Airlines
9.5 Don’t know because don’t book myself
9.6 Others

  1. Japan Outbound Travellers Behaviour

10.1 Japan Outbound Travellers: Travel Companions in 2016 & 2017
10.2 Outbound Travellers: By Age Group and By Gender in 2017

  1. Australia – Japan Outbound Tourists & Market Analysis

11.1 Outbound Tourists
11.2 Average Length of Stay
11.3 Outbound Market
11.4 Average Expenditure per Person per Trip

  1. India – Japan Outbound Tourists & Market Analysis

12.1 Outbound Tourists
12.2 Outbound Market
12.3 Average Expenditure per Person per Trip

  1. Hong Kong – Japan Outbound Tourists & Market Analysis

13.1 Outbound Tourists
13.2 Average Length of Stay
13.3 Outbound Market
13.4 Average Expenditure per Person per Trip

  1. South Korea – Japan Outbound Tourists & Market Analysis

14.1 Outbound Tourists
14.2 Outbound Market
14.3 Average Expenditure per Person per Trip

  1. Taiwan – Japan Outbound Tourists & Market Analysis

15.1 Outbound Tourists
15.2 Outbound Market
15.3 Average Expenditure per Person per Trip

  1. China – Japan Outbound Tourists & Market Analysis

16.1 Outbound Tourists
16.2 Outbound Market
16.3 Average Expenditure per Person per Trip

  1. Singapore – Japan Outbound Tourists & Market Analysis

17.1 Outbound Tourists
17.2 Average Length of Stay
17.3 Outbound Market
17.4 Average Expenditure per Person per Trip

  1. United States – Japan Outbound Tourists & Market Analysis

18.1 Outbound Tourists
18.2 Average Length of Stay
18.3 Outbound Market
18.4 Average Expenditure per Person per Trip

  1. United Kingdom – Japan Outbound Tourists & Market Analysis

19.1 Outbound Tourists
19.2 Average Length of Stay
19.3 Outbound Market
19.4 Average Expenditure per Person per Trip

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